Start Your Journey

Do you feel stuck in old habits? Do you want to transform your relationship with food and body image? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, etc.) and want to learn how nutrition/diet plays a role in managing/reversing your condition? Do you feel confused with the mixed messages you hear about health/nutrition and want someone to bust those myths? Do you want to start listening to your intuition instead of counting calories and measuring foods?

Haley is here to help guide you towards your health/wellness goals. Please email at Haley at ~ ~with any questions regarding nutrition counseling or to begin your journey!


Initial Assessment ($125)

The initial assessment is an hour long session where Haley will work with you to dive deep into your health and nutrition history. This session will explore your past medical history, eating habits, relationship with food, and other health-related aspects. You will start to define your health and wellness goals and work towards achieving them with Haley’s guidance. This session can be done in-person or through online video chatting.

Follow-Up Sessions ($75)

The follow-up sessions last 30-45 minutes and can be done in-person or through online video chatting. During these sessions you will work with Haley to further define your health and wellness goals and strategize how to be most successful in accomplishing these goals.


Grocery Store Tour ($75)

Do you feel overwhelmed when you enter the grocery store? Are you confused when you try to read  nutritional labels? How do you shop smart to avoid temptations? OR maybe you are already working towards your health/wellness goals with Haley and want to learn more about smart-shopping?

This is your perfect time to learn strategies that will support your success every time you go grocery shopping!


Online Nutrition Counseling

Haley also provides online nutrition counseling through a HIPPA compliant platform. This option allows you to video chat via your computer or smart phone to make working with Haley more accessible and convenient for you!


Payment Options

Haley accepts cash payments due at your session OR credit card payments through Paypal or Venmo, due at or before the time of each session.

Haley does not accept insurance at this time; however, she can provide paperwork for you to submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network coverage.

Please email Haley at ~ ~ for more information regarding payment/insurance coverage.