“A few years ago I was told by my doctor that I was pre-diabetic. Haley quickly invited me over and provided me with resources for how to improve my diet. She outlined how to read nutrition labels, created a meal plan and work-out schedule for me, and even showed me how to cook healthy recipes. I am proud to say that I am no longer pre-diabetic thanks to all of Haley’s advice and support! Recently, she helped one of my family members reduce his weight, intake of processed sugars, and cholesterol level. Haley has taught my family how to eat healthy and continues to supply us with advice on how to be even healthier. She is very experienced and knowledgable, and I recommend her to everyone I know!”

~Shiri, medical student

“My weight has been a struggle my entire life. I have tried several unhealthy options trying to conquer it. I am now post-menopausal and felt sure it was too late. As it turns out, eating too little can also cause you to NOT lose weight. Knowing I was obese and finding out I had high cholesterol was a turning point for me. I needed to find someone that would help me, someone who could show me what to do to have a prolonged and healthy lifestyle. I found Haley Harzynski! Haley taught me about a plant-based lifestyle. She explained the importance of balancing my plate and how to do it! There wasn’t a question I had that she could not answer or had the knowledge to locate the answer if it wasn’t something she readily knew. She changed my life. She showed me how to be mindful about my food choices. She had resources for me to use to discover more, to inform me, to guide me, to help me. She was always there for me and is still always there for me! Three months after seeing Haley, I am down 22 pounds, and I know this is not like all the other times I’d lose 40 pounds and gain back 50 pounds. This time it’s for keeps. This time I am going to conquer the mountain! Haley has given me the knowledge, encouragement, and belief in myself. She is amazing!”

~Joanne, client